2021 – year to remember


Our team will always celebrate 2021 as a special year when we introduced Draftomat document automation solution to the legal market in Europe and worldwide. We see this not only as a big milestone for Legaltech solutions, but as big step in placing south-east Europe on the global legal tech scene.

With the version 1.0 officially launched in spring, our main goal was to get the first users on board to learn from their experience in using our product. Given that document automation is a relatively new technology in the region, we invested time and energy to raise awareness among potential users. We started big, by organizing the first legal tech event in Serbia in partnership with the European Legal Tech Association (ELTA). The event gathered more than 50 local firms interested to learn about legal tech trends and document automation.

The first users came along. This batch of Draftomat early adopters includes lawyers from the SEE region of different profiles but with similar needs. We learned that Draftomat automation tool can be beneficial for teams of any size. The common need is to improve the way routine document production work is done. This is where Draftomat Drafts can help.

Draftomat stimulated transformation of users' internal processes as they had to commit to changing internal procedures and transforming their standardized templates into digitally automated templates. This process demands good planning and dedication before reaping the benefits of document automation. In this process, we understood that Draftomat users need our support, especially with automation of templates.

We also understood that users prefer adopting document automation technology in stages. The first stage would be to automate templates and produce documents internally, leading to a later stage where users who are from the legal or consultancy business may decide to offer their automated templates as a service to their clients. In 2022 our automation team plans to put in additional working hours to help users automate their operations and smoothly transition into digital business sphere.

The feedback we received from clients also inspired us to upgrade the existing features of Draftomat and to design new ones.

In Q3, we launched Draftomat KNOWS module. Draftomat KNOWS is a knowledge management feature for users to store their knowhow in an organized manner and reuse it when needed. We designed Draftomat KNOWS with a view to law firms that want to create institutional memory. With Draftomat KNOWS, knowledge is not dependent on whether a particular team member is still with the firm or remembers what was done in the past. The best part about KNOWS application is its compatibility with Draftomat automation component.

In 2022, we expect to launch new version of Draftomat with additional features, in particular mass production functionality that will be attractive to corporate legal and HR departments.

Stay tuned.