Our Story

We share love for precision and efficiency. So we made a tool for document automation.

As partners in a law firm, we have always been focused on finding ways to do things more efficiently without compromising on quality standards. We would get frustrated if something we had once corrected resurfaced in the initial, uncorrected form.

So, we initiated the project of institutionalizing our know-how within the firm.

First of all, we have built a rich database of template documents in those areas where the documentation is standardized to a significant extent. Then, the natural next step was to automate the drafting process based on those templates. At the same time, we were also thinking about how to enable clients to directly access our template database and provide new service and additional value to our clients. So, we set up a team to examine document automation software available on the market. We were not entirely happy with anything that was available at the time. It seems that us lawyers have a unique perspective on how the software should actually serve us and our clients, based on our everyday experience.

That was the crucial moment when we decided to invest into a new software responsive to our needs. When the idea of Draftomat was actually born.

We have teamed up with some of the best software developers on the Serbian bustling tech scene and started the journey. Initially, the project was limited to creating a document automation software that could be used for internal drafting processes as well as for creating a client space to offer a template-as-service solution (Draftomat Drafts and Draftomat Galaxy). However, while working on the project, we figured out that the software would be even better if it were able to support simple yet organized and structured access to the firm's institutional memory and the curated advice and analysis on various topics that we have written in the firm over the years. This is when Draftomat Knows was added.

Draftomat journey has only started and although we love being lawyers and do not intend to exit the legal profession, we already have a ton of ideas how to further develop Draftomat and make it the default document automation choice for knowledge professionals.

Tijana Kojović


Dragoljub Cibulić


Because the document creation processes should support businesses instead of slowing them down.