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Save precious hours when drafting documents

  • Draft documents faster
  • Access your know-how, in a click
  • Make space for additional revenue

Document automation solution for professionals, businesses and organizations, that can be used to manage internal standard documents and know-how, as well as a platform to provide service to clients.

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When to start with automation of legal documents?

Firms that are at the early stage of their business journey may wonder if they are mature enough, in organizational and financial terms, to invest in automation. However, the question is somewhat misplaced because if they are not capable for a change, competitors will leave them behind.

Beginner's guide to document automation software

Servicing clients sometimes involves routine legal work such as drafting legal documents that follow the same pattern and logics (non-disclosure agreements, employment contracts, loan contracts, lease contracts, memorandums of association etc). To make this process more efficient, firms establish libraries of standardized legal templates.

How to choose the right document automation software?

Document automation technology is rapidly growing. When choosing the right software, the potential user should answer several questions.

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