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Save precious hours when drafting documents

  • Draft documents faster
  • Access your know-how, in a click
  • Make space for additional revenue

Creation of legal documents, simply automated

Draftomat is a document automation solution for professionals, businesses and organizations. You can use it to automate standard documents, store know-how and create new service for your clients.

Draftomat modules


Assemble legal documents in few clicks


Offer template-as-a-service to your clients


Quickly retrieve and reuse your valuable know-how


Should I use Cloud for document automation?

The stats reveal progress, but the talks we have daily with lawyers in the SEE region, give away general reluctance towards storing data on cloud. As always with innovation, rejection comes from the lack of information.

2021 – year to remember

Our team will always celebrate 2021 as a special year when we introduced Draftomat document automation solution to the legal market in Europe and worldwide. We see this not only as a big milestone for Legaltech solutions, but as big step in placing south-east Europe on the global legal tech scene.

Drafting mistakes that can be avoided with document automation software

In every phase of document drafting, mistakes can happen regardless of the experience and expertise of the people involved. Drafting errors can occur because of insufficient processes, carelessness, or fatigue. In this article, we address some of the most common mistakes that can be easily avoided with document automation software.

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