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Save precious hours when drafting documents

  • Draft documents faster
  • Access your know-how, in a click
  • Make space for additional revenue

with Draftomat

Document automation solution for professionals, businesses and organizations, that can be used to manage internal standard documents and know-how, as well as a platform to provide service to clients.

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What's New

Draftomat for front office

Signing a document at a notary's office or filing a claim to an insurer can turn into a nightmare of filling-in hard-copy forms in a crowded room. Lot fs us have forgotten how to write with a pen so our handwriting may be illegible or suffer from misspelling.

Document automation – How to choose the right software?

How to choose document automation software for your legal practice or legal department in your company? When selecting document automation software, potential users should answer several key questions.

Senior BDK partners team up to found document automation startup

Two senior partners at top Serbian firm BDK have launched a legal technology document automation startup to help in-house teams streamline the creation of standardised legal documents. 

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