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Save precious hours when drafting documents

  • Draft documents faster
  • Access your know-how, in a click
  • Make space for additional revenue

Creation of legal documents, simply automated

Draftomat is a document automation solution for professionals, businesses and organizations. You can use it to automate standard documents, store know-how and create new service for your clients.

Draftomat modules


Assemble legal documents in few clicks


Offer template-as-a-service to your clients


Quickly retrieve and reuse your valuable know-how


Key prep steps for document automation

Law firms are generally weary of legaltech. They tend to see adoption of new technology as a disruption. However, it does not have to be like that. To overcome the challenges of document automation, law firms should follow the two key recommendations.

Integration of document automation with other software

Document automation brings various benefits to law firms and legal departments, most important ones being cost cutting, time saving and eliminating errors when drafting. The benefits are even greater when document automation integrates with other software the firm uses.  

Automation as opportunity for innovation

Law firms in the CEE region that decide to embrace document automation end up in a win-win situation. With the current state of the market, such firms may reap benefits as innovators by making a low-risk investment given that document automation has been successfully tested and used in the legal market for more than a decade.

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