Draftomat releases new features


Draftomat releases new features

New update to  Draftomat brings two sets of new features to the users. New features respond to two use case scenarios which are typical for law firms and in-house legal departments. 

Collaboration on documents

The previous version of Draftomat already enabled collaboration on documents in the sense that multiple users could participate in the drafting of the same document by answering different questions. The new feature now significantly upgrades the collaboration experience by enabling individuals working on a document to leave comments to each other and track down changes. Draftomat will send automatic e-mail to a user notifying them that another user has complete their activity in the document. This enables team members to finalize the document fully within Draftomat, without having to exchange document and comments via e-mail.

Digital service for clients

Draftomat allows law firms to share automated templates with specific individuals outside of their organization and also to allow subscription clients access to the law firm’s templates, as described in this article .

The latest version of Draftomat allows law firms to make specific templates available to the public. This feature is particularly useful for law firm’s business development efforts.

For instance, law firm can create a simple startup pack containing a set of automated documents for company registration. By placing these documents on its web site with free access, the law firm may attract start-ups at the early stage of their business journey and create a strong bond that will evolve in the future.

Try it out

If you would like to test the new set of features and discuss how they could apply in your organization, don’t hesitate to contact us at office@draftomat.app