New version of Draftomat released!


With the goal to provide superb user experience, we release a new version of Draftomat containing a set of important improvements. The novelties are based on users' feedback provided during the first year of Draftomat.

This new set of improved features mainly relates to Draftomat Galaxy portal and Draftomat Knows, and includes:

🎯 Improved address book

Draftomat users are now able to import and export data on organizations and individuals to and from their Draftomat Address book. This means that users do not have to type such data into their Draftomat Adress book manually. Instead, they can import an existing database to Draftomat and use it when drafting. As a reminder, Address book allows users to automatically insert data on individuals and organizations into documents they create in Draftomat. Such data may include names, personal numbers, company numbers, addresses, tax numbers etc.

🎯 Organizational settings upgraded

Users can now customize visual experience of document creation in Draftomat. This includes zooming in and out documents in Draftomat Galaxy, customizing the appearance of alerts, guidance and warnings in the template questionnaires and adjusting the position of the template questionnaire on the screen.

🎯 Access to official business registries expanded

Draftomat users now have access to business registries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. The official registries of these countries are automatically synchronized with Draftomat, which allows users to import the latest data from a selected business registry directly into a document.

🎯 Improved access control

Administrators of an organization are now able to share template folders and individual templates with groups of users. Groups may be created according to any business logic of the organization. For instance, a group may comprise users from the same business unit or department, individuals of the same seniority, people working on the same project etc. Thanks to this new feature, members of a group get exclusive access to a folder or a template, without interference from other members of their organization.  

🎯 Better search function

Users can describe each template in their database in a less formal way by using Template description field. They can also supply each template with one or multiple Tags. The improved Search function now allows users to find templates in their database by Template description or Tag. This makes the entire data management system of Draftomat a user-friendly environment where users can safely store and retrieve templates and documents.  

🎯 File and folder history improved

Users can track activity history of folders and templates in a more detailed way. Under activity Tab of each folder or template, users can see activities performed by members of their organizations, such as content editing, downloading, renaming, uploading new versions, sharing etc. This provides better control over the content uploaded to Draftomat and contributes to greater security.

🎯 KNOWS upgraded

KNOWS , the knowledge management module of Draftomat, has received major upgrades. Technically speaking, KNOWS is now an independent tool from Draftomat Drafts (document automation) and, as such, it can be licensed separately to users. The purpose of KNOWS  is to provide users with the infrastructure for easy storing and reusing of texts created in their legal practice. KNOWS infrastructure is fully compatible with document automation feature DRAFTS, but it can be equally purposeful as an independent tool.

Furthermore, KNOWS now offers better Approval flow of the content. There is a clear separation, in terms of authorizations, between KNOWS users and administrators. User can nominate new content for the organization's central database and suggest edits to the existing content. Administrator, on the other hand, controls the entire content and approves any suggestions made by a regular user. Administrator also defines levels of access to the content in the central database. This enables better filtration and polishing of the organization’s content.

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