Draftomat for front office


Signing a document at a notary's office or filing a claim to an insurer can turn into a nightmare of filling-in hard-copy forms in a crowded room. Lot fs us have forgotten how to write with a pen so our handwriting may be illegible or suffer from misspelling.

This experience is something that neither service providers nor their clients deserve. However little has changed over the years in how front office services are organized.

With Draftomat, notaries, banks, insurers and similar organizations with front desk could make their forms available to clients online. The client would download the requisite form from the service provider's website or otherwise receive an access, fill it in at home by following automated instructions and return it to the service provider's online repository. The client would then go to the notary's office, bank, insurance company or alike at a scheduled time to personally sign a document or take another action that requires physical presence. Such organization of the service would eliminate the space for errors and save precious time to both clients and service providers.

In order for this to work, neither front desk clerks nor their clients would have to master any particular skills. They just need basic digital literacy.

The main direct benefit of integrating Draftomat into a front desk solution is the simplification of procedures and time saving. The end benefit for service providers is in cost cutting and revenue boost stemming from higher demand for the services and greater customer satisfaction.