How to store legal practice?


Lawyers use document management systems to store various files created in their practice. Documents are usually easy to find. However, document management systems do not help lawyers find the most interesting and unique parts of various files, such as minutious and sophisticated analysis of a point of law or a bespoke clause form a contract. Finding such specific contents for its reuses is a usually a time-consuming process that relies on memory of the individual who participated in the creation of the content.

Draftomat KNOWS is a software that enables law firms to create and manage institutional memory.  Lawyer selects the relevant text snippet from a memo, an e-mail or another document, assigns it a specific tag and stores it in the firm's database. Tags allow lawyers to subsequently easily find and reuse the relevant content. For instance, a lawyer may draft in an employment agreement a unique non-compete obligation for an employee. He can select the clause in the text of the agreement and use KNOWS app to save it in the employment folder under non-compete and employment tags. Or, a lawyer drafts a sophisticated legal memo analysing the legal test for the finding of a concerted practice. He can mark the relevant analysis with tags competition, horizontal agreements, concerted practices etc and store it in the know how data base in the folder competition law.  Colleagues from the firm can easily retrieve and reuse the relevant content thanks to a powerful search function that uses key words and tags.

KNOWS has a version management function that allows users to save changes to the stored content as a new version of the text while keeping the old version accessible on the system.

Draftomat KNOWS is simple to use yet powerful tool for lawyers to create and maintain their knowledge library.