Draftomat Logs: News, Notes & Highlights

    How to identify your law firm’s area of work fit for document automation 

    Within a law firm, usual suspects for automation are documents in the areas of corporate housekeeping, employment, commercial agreements and data protection.   However, each firm should carefully inspect its business to determine where document automation makes sense.

    Main concerns with document automation in law firms 

    Lawyers sceptical of document automation have several questions.   The first one concerns efficiency. Lawyers wonder whether they should strive to change a business model where they charge hourly rates while paying fixed salaries to juniors and trainees who are involved in document production processes. 

    How can lawyers engage clients in document automation?

    Once the firm has automated its templates, it can use them not only for producing documents internally, but as an asset with which it can engage with the clients.

    Should I use Cloud for document automation?

    The stats reveal progress, but the talks we have daily with lawyers in the SEE region, give away general reluctance towards storing data on cloud. As always with innovation, rejection comes from the lack of information.

    2021 – year to remember

    Our team will always celebrate 2021 as a special year when we introduced Draftomat document automation solution to the legal market in Europe and worldwide. We see this not only as a big milestone for Legaltech solutions, but as big step in placing south-east Europe on the global legal tech scene.

    Drafting mistakes that can be avoided with document automation software

    In every phase of document drafting, mistakes can happen regardless of the experience and expertise of the people involved. Drafting errors can occur because of insufficient processes, carelessness, or fatigue. In this article, we address some of the most common mistakes that can be easily avoided with document automation software.

    When to start with automation of legal documents?

    Firms that are at the early stage of their business journey may wonder if they are mature enough, in organizational and financial terms, to invest in automation. However, the question is somewhat misplaced because if they are not capable for a change, competitors will leave them behind.

    Beginner's guide to document automation software

    Servicing clients sometimes involves routine legal work such as drafting legal documents that follow the same pattern and logics (non-disclosure agreements, employment contracts, loan contracts, lease contracts, memorandums of association etc). To make this process more efficient, firms establish libraries of standardized legal templates.

    How to choose the right document automation software?

    Document automation technology is rapidly growing. When choosing the right software, the potential user should answer several questions.