Draftomat Logs: News, Notes & Highlights

    How to store legal practice?

    Draftomat KNOWS is a software that enables law firms to create and manage institutional memory. Lawyer selects the relevant text snippet from a memo, an e-mail or another document, assigns it a specific tag and store it in the firm's database.

    Draftomat for front office

    Signing a document at a notary's office or filing a claim to an insurer can turn into a nightmare of filling-in hard-copy forms in a crowded room. Lot fs us have forgotten how to write with a pen so our handwriting may be illegible or suffer from misspelling.

    Senior BDK partners team up to found document automation startup

    Two senior partners at top Serbian firm BDK have launched a legal technology document automation startup to help in-house teams streamline the creation of standardised legal documents. 

    Why automate?

    Document automation is one of the basic legal tech tools that has been developed for more than a decade by software engineers and legal practitioners. It offers a straightforward benefit of speeding up document production while improving the quality of legal documents and eliminating room for errors.

    Draftomat - software for fast document creation

    Draftomat is a new document automation and knowledge management software. It contains three interconnected components that can be used together or independently.